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. >> reporter: i wasn't this morning. good morning, marla. we are here at paragon outlets in livermore. new outlet mall. the mall opened at 10:00 last night. the big crowds have come and gone. you see the johnny-come-latelies. getting good deals, but not as good as the the ones last night. to get the savings required serious sacrifice and patience from the early bird shoppers. >> black friday. >> reporter: it would seem the answer is no one judging by the thousands of people shopping overnight in 40 degree temperatures at the outlets in livermore. even at 8:00 a.m., shoppers were still lined up for an hour and a half outside this crystal store for an early bird sale that had already expired. >> at 7:00, they changed the price back to $25. the deal is gone. >> reporter: who can explain such behavior? like the people who came to the mall straight off an airplane. >> we are holding luggage in the management office for people who flew in from mexico and did not stop anywhere else. they asked us to hang on to their suitcases. >> reporter: what about this man who stayed overnight in livermore onl
is fairly light in the area. >> as a ticket to the east bay was down 5 at 0 at livermore avenue having injury accident blocking some of lines. it is a bit wet at the bay bridge toll plaza on the problems of oakland to the city. the san mateo bridge the cut. a wet deck away the drive 12 minutes from and again. a dry break south bound 101 the golden gate bridge no accident to report for your ride come out of the north bay james. >> thank you erica. san jose five r as battle a one a long are at st. thomas more school the happened about 1:00 a.m.. it is located 1565 south white road. the fire out of control quickly. no reports of injuries. the cause is still under investigation we will let you know when firefighters learn more. >> according to the utility company him out and start around 15. the cause of the outage has not been determined that are working to get fixed periods as they figure out how and why it went out there and be a man who killed six and injured 13 more in the tucson shooting rampage has and sentenced to life in prison without he was given seven consecutive life terms plu
near hacienda. looks like it's blocked the shot but there was another one near north livermore avenue and actually, looks like we are seeing some slowing on our sensors in that area. at last check it was cleared to the right-hand shoulder but obviously there's still some activity there in the westbound lanes of 580 approaching north livermore. your drive time is slow because of it. 22 minutes now between the altamont pass and 680 so yeah, we have some brake lights now through the livermore area because of that accident. it's really the only one out there. otherwise here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. i just watched the lane change trucks move through a little while ago. so now we're good to go in the southbound direction heading towards san francisco. but once again, you can see this pavement is pretty slick all across the bay area. mass transit great options. so far, after that big record ridership day yesterday, bart systemwide on time. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, everything back on a normal schedule this morning. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on
, it is dry and kind of chilly 38 fairfield, los gatos, napa and santa rosa around 41. 42 livermore everybody else concord also in the mid to upper 40s san francisco and half moon bay low to mid 50s at the coast low to mid 60s mid 60s to low 70s for the warmest weather that will be around the bay, above average inland with upper 60s to around 70°. have fun shopping. >>> traffic light this morning, black friday light, live shot of 80 through berkeley past university on to the macarthur maze normally on a regular friday commute in would be all headlights heading into the macarthur maze looking good now. drive times if you are headed out to the mall, 580 to pleasanton to the stoneridge mall, nice drive from the altamont pass to 680. 680 commute pass broadway plaza and walnut creek good 18 minutes from the benicia bridge highway 101 traveling towards best buy, already bust ing -- bustling 10 minute drive from novato. >>> developing news from san rafael, fight in a nightclub results in gunfire outside the club. two hospitalized. it happened at club 101 in the 800 block of west francisco boulevard
livermore outlet mall. we'll tell you what's being done to ease the bottleneck there. >>> and get this. a storm survivor. we'll show you how a man got creative and powered his home with his prius. >>> it's been a traffic nightmare. why? shoppers packing the roadway. the interstate, 580, in both directions. all in the name of a little retail therapy at the paragon outlet. it's the newest mall there. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us live from livermore to tell us what's going on. and jean, i tried for 70 minutes and i never even got close this morning. >> reporter: well, you'll have to try again, jessica. this mall just closed at 11:00. people are leaving easily right now. but i'll tell you, it was a chore getting in here tonight. and store managers and police say get used to it. this is expected to be a hot spot through the holiday season. >> reporter: it looks like rock concert traffic. there are even overflow dirt lawns. >> there was a lot of traffic. i'm not going to lie. >> it's horrendous but it's fun. >> reporter: fun if you like shopping. this crowd in livermore is going to the
in livermore is a nightmare for many people living in the area. their daily errands taking two to three times longer. kris sanchez joins us in livermore to look at the problem and only the solutions. this is less than a week old and already a lot of controversy. >> reporter: we're talking about four days here, raj. and though there are no hard numbers on the increase in traffic here along interstate 580 in livermore, because it's a holiday, we can tell you that traffic is heavy even for a holiday day where there is lighter traffic. and that is a lot of concern for people who are commuting and also for people who just want to shop. lots of smiling faces at livermore's paragon outlet mall. fewer smiles among commuters saw their drive times multiply since the 130-store mall opened on thursday. >> took me about 45 minutes extra to get home the other night from the city just because it was complete stop and go. it's not very fun right now. i'm hoping the novelty dies off soon. >> it took me about 45 minutes to get home from there to my house one night when usually it should only take about five mi
to mean packed malls and traffic back-ups, paragon out lefts in livermore -- outlets in livermore is where we find katie marzullo. good morning i hope you left your credit cards home. >> reporter: good morning they are safely locked away in the live van. tempting though the strangest feeling here to not be alone. take a look behind us at the shoppers as they come and go. there are so many people around and the lights are so bright it almost feels like high noon instead of 4:30 in the morning. it is moonlight madness, 130 stores here opened 10:00, last night. i talked to shoppers they say getting here was tricky, traffic backed up on the freeway. once they got here, all was fine, tons of overflow parking and they seem like they are having a good time shopping. >> honestly i didn't come looking for anything. i just walked away with good stuff, christmas presents. >> reporter: as another shopper told me he wind looking for anything in particular, his wife made him come but he did have an armful of bags. as for the deals things already discounted 2010 -- 20 too 65% according to paragon outlets
has been affected by a 6 car crash right on north livermore avenue and this crash is slowing traffic into the livermore valley. six other cars may have played a role we are thinking it did. tara moriarty has more on how the wet weather is affecting roads, tara? >> reporter: good morning, sal, it's not raining but the roadways are still slick from the rain so you better slow down for your morning commute. right now most of the rain seems to be concentrated in the south bay. walnut creek is getting the biggest dose of it and in oakland and jackson on the off ramp. rain is expected and hopefully don't break suddenly because you want to avoid an accident in these conditions. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> two small children were hit while trick or treating and police are questioning the driver. claudine wong is in santa rosa with what police are saying and also what the weather was like at the time of the accident. claudine? >> reporter: well, pam let me give you a look at where this all happened, wi street four lanes of traffic and from what we understand, it is a reside
live from richmond in mobile5, i'm ken bastida. >>> i'm juliette goodrich live in livermore at the paragon outlet. they are getting ready for the big day tomorrow and check this out. it's the last-minute rush. how police plan to handle the crowds tomorrow coming up. >> then a new revelation about what keeps cancer patients alive. in a study of 300,000 people, how cancer seemed to be slowed by cutting off what it feeds on. ,, [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. of the fall. tomorrow marks the grand opening of the bay area's largest outlet mall. so big >>>
.com/donate. ,,,,,,,, outlet mall in livermore is causing quite a back up on interstate 5-80. this was the scene earlier this af >>> the grand opening of the new paragon outlet mall in livermore is causing quite a backup on interstate 580. this was the scene earlier this afternoon bumper to bumper traffic leading to the off-ramp at el charro and to the parking lots. >> cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman is in livermore with some very determined shoppers. >> determined the word. drivers waiting hours in gridlock to get into the parking lot. >> reporter: i was among them and getting an email not long ago calling me the worst dressed reporter in television, i didn't realized excitement. this is an outlet mall a high- end store the first one built in a decade and man, are people excited to be here. >> very heavy continues to deliver more valley lots of people headed to the new paragon outlet stores off el charro road. >> reporter: this traffic is for a mall. what do you think? >> usually 30, 35 minutes away but today about an hour and a half. ♪ [ music ] >> we have of the cozy top. she is also wearing our famou
] livermore is already one ofe 's biggest attr >>> it has been open less than a week and the mall in livermore is already one of the bay area's biggest attractions. >> all of the shoppers means lots of traffic. how are they trying to cope with the onslaught, ann? >> reporter: everybody here expected paragon outlets to be a success. there hadn't been a new outlet center opened in california in more than a decade but this far exceeded everyone's expectations. >> we have to be lucky with parking as soon as we came in and someone was leaving. it is pretty busy with all of the people here. >> reporter: finding parking was unheard of at paragon outlets in livermore the last four days. more than 400,000 people showed up for the grand opening weekend and shopped. some stores broke corporate store records. one retailer pulled in $350,000 in sales in one day. >> our whole store was pegged and the whole mall is pegged. >> it did exceed expectations and we knew people would be excited but we are very pleased with the results on the opening days. >> reporter: but the crowds caused traffic problems with car
shopping center which opened a couple weeks ago, paragon outlets in livermore off 580 and el charro that's where we find katie marzullo and a lot of shoppers this morning. >> reporter: so many shoppers, just a sea of shoppers, i just talked with assistant general manager he says this is a low point considering when these outlets opened and how long they will go. sky 7 hd above the outlets now, you can see for yourself what the parking lot and shoppers and what the stores look like. again, for all the people and everything you are seeing now, imagine this, it is just a lull, the stores open at 10 p.m., it was packed last night and the assistant general manager thinks it will be packed again as the sun comes up. he says since they just opened, they just had their grand opening that turned out to be good practice for black friday. he says when they opened they saw 400,000 people over the first four days. >> we saw there was maybe a need for some auxillary restrooms and watching how the traffic flowed and parking moved we want odd to take advantage of such a fresh experience and made sure we
fire out in livermore sal? >> yes. that's right it started in north livermore avenue so far it has not grown into a big fire so take care when you are driving on that section of 580. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. and today since it is election day some people may be getting up to highway 17 is a nice looking drive as you drive down to san jose. good clear, if you enjoyed monday you will see a different breeze, hill all inland temperatures will be really close. really close. you can see the demolish ever high pressure over us, most location say southwest at 5 to see if that changes 49 will be closest to the coast on the lows and it starts to carry. a lighter breeze chilly roads inland upper 70s and then clouds roll in and we have a big dramatic pattern and it is not a sold out kind of system and it will be cold and rainy on friday and sunny and the mornings will be chilly, chilly. pam? >>> it continues in the northeast and we will have more on how officials are trying to make vote being easier. >>> we will tell you where the troubled the spots are in this early commu
up and and they say livermore and 48 and they have a northeast wind so most locations have a southerly breeze. 58 mountain view, 58 and that will and it is coming up from the south and as you spoke about it, there are no reports from lake county and it is starting to define itself and it looks like it will blast through quickly and for some it will not be overnight tonight. and the north bay could see one to two inches out of this and we have rain for parts of the north bay and you have rain and i saw one place that had low 60s. range tonight, then it is out of here and when the reign die down and it will be dry as we go into the weekend. >> thanks, steve. >>> a yearly rememberance, a convicted killer told police and we will have the bay area threat on bay area roads, stay tuned. . >>> a new york man threatened a flight crew and refused to turn off his audio. police say 30-year-old samuel was asked to turn off his cell phone but he refused. he was removed from the plane and charged with making a terrorist threat. >>> the family is not giving up hope in the case of mckayla g
bridge clear. flooding westbound 580 north livermore in the left lanes, a couple accidents this morning. there is one there now in lane number, west 580 north livermore south 101 blossom hill accident blocking a lane there. >>> the kind of morning when we expect to see a lot of accidents keep checking with us before you head out. some are braving this weather now waiting in line for something they desperately need. katie marzullo is live in san jose. >> reporter: that thing is food. we are at san jose community service. look at this line you can see where it starts and tents set-up. as we pan, people brought their own tents, tarps and umbrellas, desperate for these food boxes they are willing to wait in the rain, the line goes to this corner at first street, turns the corner and goes halfway down the block. they are waiting to register for the food boxes they get to sign up for two, one for thanksgiving and one for christmas. organizers this year saying the lines are not necessarily -- necessary that they are going to have enough food. clearly people aren't willing to take any chances.
will be in the north and then by the late afternoon into the evening commute, it -- 63 downtown, 65 in livermore today, heaviest rain through the overnight hours, into your friday morning commute then the biggest system, latter part of the weekend with that one we are concerned about flooding perhaps in the north bay. let's look at our morning commute with sue hall. >>> good morning. so far, so good. we are at the golden gate bridge live shot crews picking up lanes and reconfiguring. roadwork on north end of the span because of those crews looks like they are wrapping up now no delays here, smooth sailing over the waldo past spencer and rodeo drive, "sig alert" in the napa area 121 at highway 128, two-lane highway blocking northbound, a driver swerved to avoid a deer and flipped his car. northbound 880 hegenberger off-ramp accident with slowing, speeds 24 miles an hour. great highway san francisco closed lincoln way they have sand on the highway due to high winds. >>> back to our breaking news in palo alto where police are searching downtown for a man after a woman woke to a frightening discovery over
toward livermore and fremont. and also now pushing out toward discovery bay. for more let's check in on highway 17. alex savidge is there. i think he's right in the middle of it there. >> reporter: it feels like we're in the middle of a band of this rain coming through here. it's been very steady ever since we aryed here at the summit. right along highway 17. i want to show you one of the big concerns. along with all the water on the roadways is this kind of thing. down branches and the debris that will build up along the highways. especially on highway 17. here's the roadway and you can get a live look at what it looks like. this is what drivers are facing as they come up and over the pass from the south bay and head into santa cruz. highway 17 stretch outs drive this morning. we drove up here from san jose a lot of standing water on the roadway. a lot of the blind turns when that water ticks up from the car in front of you it can be hairy to say the least. no accidents have been reported in this area. which is a very good thing. what it loo mean is people will have to keep drivi
, heading towards hop yard, dublin pleasanton towards livermore that whole area seeing some of the better radar returns out of the sunol towards milpitas, east brokaw, sierra, some of the better radar returns there. down 17 or 9 or 85, saratoga avenue towards meridian that's where the best radar returns are. in a bigger perspective, north bay starting to clear a little all of us will see the end of the steady rain by the end of the commute. at the coast partly sunny near 60 the rest of us mid to upper 60s with a stray shower possible this afternoon. steady rain now. >>> unfortunately, when we have slick roads like this solo spin-outs are the norm we have several now. live shout of south 101 tail lights past civic center up toward lincoln central san rafael flight through northern and southern marin westbound 580 past north livermore accident you can see red sensors in between, slowing past the scene there. north 880 ramp to montague san jose that ramp is blocked with an accident. new accident the rain through the san ramon tri-valley area north 680 at treat. >>> police trying to determine
a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. opening for the paragon outt mall in livermore. the parking lot was full by midy hoppers headed to >>> was a jam-packed grand opening for the paragon outlet mall in livermore. the parking lot was full by midday as they headed to the biggest outlet mall in the bay area. this was the scene this afternoon on i-580. that's the parking lot. there's the interstate. cars backing up to get there. they're still there. the mall shoppers mixing in with the evening commute. it's become quite the mess. big draw is the 130 stores right off of 580 in el charro road. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman spent the day with those determined shoppers. >> reporter: they are living large in livermore. "fiscal cliff"? not here. this is an outlet mall the first one built in years the only one in the east bay and the opening stopped traffic. very heavy continues continue through the livermore valley lots of people heading to the new paragon outlet stores off el charro road. >> reporter: this traffic is for a mall. what do you think? >> usually 30, 35 minutes awa
in groves in livermore this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news claudine wong is out there this morning. beautiful boost for the local eek connie. -- economy. look at this nice long stretch of stores. >> reporter: we have some people getting ready for this 10:00 a.m. scheduled opening grand opening and there are big crowds expected and traffic is expected to be heavy as this grant opening gets underway. we have one end opening underway and we have armani and prad do right in front of us and this area is one of the places in the country to actually carry prad do. let's take you through some of the numbers when we are talking about the numbers for the economic boost expected here. we have ever 43,000 square feet, 130 outlet stores, 2000 jobs, 2 million in revenue and they are trying to dash this mall. i want to give you a map from the developer. if you look at the upper right side, you can see face one tentatively scheduled for next july and 800 more jobs are expected to come from that. they were working with tour hotels and trying to make this a destination for them as well. they are try
of 580 right there near the livermore truck scales. we're checking in with chp to see how many lanes are still blocked. but a car actually hydroplaned. there was flooding blocking -- partially blocking the right lane coming through the altamont pass and livermore. coming up more on traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> people are lined up in san jose this morning to sign up for help for the holidays. sacred heart community service is having registration today for its holiday food and toy distribution. 4,000 families will be given food boxes at thanksgiving at christmas sacred heart plans to help feed 3200 families and provide toys for 5500 children. low-income families can sign up for that assistance from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. the sacred heart community service is located at 1381 south first street in san jose. it's also accepting help making the holiday donations possible. >>> it is 4:35 now. walnut creek police are looking for suspects after a woman said two men kidnapped and robbed her. the 57-year-old woman said she was abducted around 7:30 wednesday night as she lot of her wor
give yourself extra time and space between cars. pish also give yourself extra time between livermore in the altamont pass. a jackknifed daybreak continues to block the three left lanes with traffic crawling in both directions. >> today as one of the biggest days for hollywood holiday travelers. will tran is that s f o. >> this is one of the most busy airports because they expect a 3% increase. it is not busy right now because the first wave of flights took off this morning. the catch is that the flights are coming in a little later are delayed that means people could be stuck here. we could eventually see the long lines, around 730 or 8:00. especially with the rain coming down of this time. the first place this morning or not a problem. the planes were already on the ground overnight with crews already here ferreous so easily that is not a problem. if you're traveling today and they expect 120,000 people to come through sfo. did you think you're going to take off the day before thanksgiving? >> eai was going on that day. i'm going to canada. >> is it frustrating for you? >> this is a
shopping. >> we will start at paragon outlets and livermore and mike pelton is joining us with an update from there. >> very busy at here this morning. this is actually the food court, a popular place this time of the morning. a lot of shoppers are walking around with multiple backs, not just one. we're talking 568 or nine bags. a lot of these stores open up at 10:00 last night. so many people came to the mall so that the mall had to set up a secondary parking lot in the dirt lot across the street. a lot of people said it is the process just to get here. >> it is busy we had the park like two blocks from the open parking lot just to get here. >> we waited and traffic for two hours just to get in here. >> he waited for traffic just to get in the park you not? at >> we didn't even get into a parking lot we had to go to a remote place. >> and that took two hours? >> yes >> is it worth was it worth it? >> it is now. yes. >> management tells me is now the times you would want to come out and do your shopping. the overnight people are starting to come out of the mall and as you can see the scr
in the north bay again. 38 napa, fairfield 36, clouds are over you now 38 concord, 36 livermore, looks like we are going to have frost in some of our inland east bay valleys. half moon bay 41. most of us in the low to mid 40s, san francisco 48. 34 gilroy, low 40s santa cruz and salinas. chilly this morning, need that heavy coat, warmer by the afternoon, won't need that heavy coat, warmer days on the way today through thursday unsettled weather chance of rain friday, better chance with bigger storm, sunday, monday, tuesday of next week. today out of the 50s into the 60s oakland, san francisco, -- most of us in the low to mid 60s high clouds and sun this afternoon, mid to upper 50s coast. monterey bay low to mid 60s mid 60s inland more sunshine high clouds won't be as prevalent tonight upper 30s mid 40s inland low to upper 40s bay to the coast storm track up to our north where going to stay today, tomorrow and through most of the week high pressure builds slow warming of temperatures through thursday, chance of rain friday break saturday another chance sunday through tuesday with cooler weather.
also in livermore. with thickening high clouds today, temperatures are going to be cool, numbers around 60° in san francisco, 61 san mateo, 63 more sunshine around san jose maybe a few sprinkles along the coast. tomorrow this time, very heavy rain, wind advisory through 11:00 tomorrow morning. next system late thursday night. >>> back to the bay bridge, [ inaudible ] eastbound open, metering lights light -- on. once you get past the metering lights sluggish, brake lights once you approach the tunnel, moving but slowly. things pick up on the san francisco side of the span. westbound t.i. ramp closed for the time being. 80 west highway 4 car in center divide no significant slowing. drive times, 580 up and over the altamont not bad, slow out of tracy highway 4 is jammed out of antioch towards concord there's your east shore freeway commute from carquinez bridge which is very, very foggy into the macarthur maze. >>> new this morning, apartment rents in the bay area and across the country are expected to get more expensive in the new year. just released survey shows rents will rise national
preparations are in livermore. in just a few hours, 130 new outlet doors, we'll tell you about the economic boom it's expected to bring to this community. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, november 8th. >>> everything is back to normal at a burlington hotel that had a carbon monoxide overnight. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is live at the embassy suites. this is a pretty big hazmat response that affected a lot of people. tara? >> reporter: that's right. this is very close to the airport. the hotel was booked. a lot of people had flights so you can imagine that they were nervous about making them on time. behind me you can see a lot of windows are still open at the top of the hotel right there. these people got a 1:30 a.m. wakeup call that they did not expect. they were stuck out in the cold for for hours. that's because firefighters responded to a call here after midnight. crews called in hazmat, did some air sampling. and within an hour, they evacuated the building. hundreds of guests
through san francisco, 56 in san jose. 54 in oakland, concord and santa rosa. 54 in the livermore valley. with just 70's in antioch. and 71 degrees in half moon bay. low 80s for the south bay. more low 80s and even napa, santa rosa and 77 degrees for san rafael. your full forecast with changes. and let us go back over to marty. >> thousands of grocery store employees are on the picket lines after contract lines tobroke down. mike pelton is our sole reporter at the alameda store. good morning, mike. >> good morning, marty. this strike is officially on between the union and the federal mediator broke down between midnight and 2:00 a.m. this morning. these employees are out with picket signs at nob hill foods. nob hill is owned by bailey's--releas. again this begins at 6 raley's >> is across the parking lot with these signs. 8000 employees over 100 of these stores will go on strike. this is in multiple failed negotiations with raley's they want to slash medical benefits and they will go on strike as long as it takes. >> this is an ongoing strike is going to be effective. when a strike is th
the livermore valley all the way towards the dublin- pleasanton area. but again, at last check, that drive time was 30 minutes and growing. but we know it's even bigger than that now. traffic essentially at a standstill. here's a live look at the nimitz. north- and southbound 880 approaching the oakland coliseum. so far, so good. our cameras have been rocking and rolling so we know it is windy out there. downed wires, trees in the woodside area, california 84 shut down both directions between grandview and highway 35. moderate traffic across the golden gate bridge. once again, wind advisories in effect. use mass transit. bart's been running like clockwork this morning. all trains on time. that's a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes here on cbs 5. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> that storm has been dumping on marin county all night. no one knows that more than cbs 5 reporter anne makovec, in mill valley where there's plenty of local flooding this morning. anne, how are you doing. >> reporter: well, i'm all right. i'm definitely wet. but no real drama up here yet. the prob
thickness livermore quarter mile there and novato as you head over37 to napa 3/4, improving -- around santa rosa up to two highs now. mainly clear around the bay, mid 40s to low 50s top without high clouds and sun mid to upper 60s this afternoon. high clouds and sun rolls through inland valleys after a foggy start top out around 70 down towards the coast starting off a little humidity dew on the ground, 50, partly sunny, mid to upper 50s at noon upper 50s to near 60 partly sunny sky high clouds and sun for the afternoon. >>> looking good from the carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze 80 westbound a little busier, still just about 20 minutes between those two points traffic looks like it is flowing nicely no metering lights light minor delay paying cash on both sides of the tolls. oakland east 980 at 580 first reports of stall blocking right lane, napa 121 at 29 overturned vehicle blocking a lane there as well. >>> >> 6:01. operation impact is underway in oakland which puts highway patrol officers on the streets to help out the short staffed oakland police department. terry mcsweeney is a
. livermore, and here is the forecast for tomorrow. notice we will see some yellow on the maps with the pockets of orange beginning to appear. and that means possibly 80s. and as we go towards monday we will see even more widespread 80s. details of that, coming up. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg spoke about the delayed a decision to cancel the new york city marathon. and when asked why he did not call it off sooner. he said now is not the time for second- guessing. >> ever since then he has been training for this year's new york city marathon before from a corner for maryland, new jersey company york. the shorelines are wiped out with a super storm sandy. leaving millions in the dark without power, no gasoline and home is destroyed and flooded. >> is a difficult time for everyone is an absolute travesty for all the people in new-york >> this person flew out of me your want the tuesday's flight was canceled. his ticket was paid for two months ago. >> the race was on for the week leading up to it and only on friday was i was already in new york city that they decided to
through the livermore valley. so far, so good though on westbound 580. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> fire captain suffered minor injuries at a three-alarm fire in san jose over night. le the fire at the kimberly woods apartments on willow leaf drive started around 8:30 and went to three alarms. the fire captain was hurt after he went inside the building and the roof started to cave in. the fire forced 18 residents out of 6 union. >> this is one heck of a thanksgiving, huh? >> yes. but, you know, looking at the good side my family is okay and we're thankful. it's really bad feeling but we're okay and that's the most important thing. >> yeah. the fire started on the upper level of the about. the cause is still under investigation. the fire started on the upper level of the building. >>> tax time is still a few months away but there are already changes coming along that could force people in the bay area to pay more. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee takes a look at how changes to the tax laws will impact you. >> reporter: tax changes are adding up and i
out. this is a live look at interstate 580. we are still seeing a light rain in the livermore valley area. it looks like there will be a dry break for the san francisco for rape. where are still contending wi lighfor the sout; it looks like as we advance across to the 10:00 hour we will start to see some spotty showers develop for the back end of this cold front. dry conditions and plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. the rainfall totals were from a quarter of an inch to about one-third of an inch of rain in santa rosa. into tomorrow was the morning fall tfog. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows plenty of dry weather as we head into the weekend. >> here's a look at in a state 5 a on westbound. shows that the traffic is moving slow. the heaviest traffic is stop and go for 580 westbound. there are a number incidence and rain that has caused this. this is all in the livermore area that has backed up the traffic passed to 05. things continue to get worse with the drive time at 51 minutes. at the bay bridge we are starting to see it as a backup westbound. the
degrees, highs on sunday, we'll see maybe 80 in fairfield on sunday, maybe 80 in livermore. very fall-like. chance for that -- you know what i'm talking about. especially north bay, in the east bay, in livermore, santa rosa, it's patchy, not widespread, but there. there was a bunch of this in the central valley. down to modesto to fresno, lot of fog. i know a lot of you travel in that corridor, so be careful. patchy fog overnight, but the weekend looks good. clouds will go away, high pressure is just sending them way. and temperatures go up: notice that, when the low pressure goes through, that rain we had the other day, the high fills in, and as it builds, winds go offshore. this pattern repeats its self all year. so how do you know it's going to heat up? i know there's a high behind it. we get this. warmth, if you will. fire danger, might be off the table. we have a little bit of moisture on the ground. not that worried about the moisture so that's good. hopefully we can put that to bed, 75 in danville, 74 in livermore, 75 in gilroy. along the coast, coastal fog is not an issue. i
. guess what, today will be even warmer. the warmest locations don't think livermore or concord think santa cruz and san francisco. santa cruz will be 88 and san francisco 85. there will be a lot of record highs possible today. >>> steve, good morning. traffic doing well around the bay area. we're off to a decent start on a monday. as you can see by looking at this picture. northbound 101 looks good. also if you are driving on westbound bay bridge approach it is light. let's go back to the desk. >>> in overnight news several businesses are damaged after a strip mall went up in flames. ktvu alex savidge is live at the scene in pleasant hill where more on what firefighters discovered and why they're calling it suspicious. good morning, alex. >> reporter: an arson investigation has been launched because firefighters found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail here at the scene. another aspect of this fire that was suspicious the front window of the business had been smashed when firefighters first got here and there was a small fire inside the place that burned on the inside wall. we'll
at north livermore car fire at the exit out of the freeway lanes. >>> today is election day. americans will choose a president after the candidates campaign for a long hard year and a half mr. obama is in chicago after ending his campaign with a rally in iowa the state that jumpstarted his first presidential bid. he did satellite interviews no more rallies. in contrast, mitt romney is pushing his quest for the presidency to the very last minute. he rallied before supporters last night in new hampshire the state that went for him in the primaries and up for grabs. romney will vote in boston in an unusual move, he will fly to cleveland and pittsburgh to make a final appeal to working-class voters. >> vice president biden cast his ballot in delaware where he just voted with his wife. just like everybody else, the vice president stood in line for about 20 minutes, chatting it up with other voters. last night he made final pleas in virginia. >> national polls still tight, outcome of the presidential race is more likely to turn on which states each candidate wins, rather than the total popul
news chopper 2. this is interstate 580 in livermore. most likely i'm guessing eastbound since that would be the direction from the main -- from the east bay toward the mall. there is an accident at the off ramp right near the outlet, those are the brand new outlet mall that just opened two hours ago and if you can see -- as we pan over the mall itself, right there and looks like the parking lot is full of cars, and we saw that huge line of traffic as people waiting to move through the area. now officials are warning of heavy traffic throughout the weekend. a four day opening of this mall. we will have a live report from the outlet mall coming up shortly. >>> been a busy morning in walnut creek where a new food outlet is drawing customers and protests. brian flores is live with the diverse reaction to the new chick filet restaurant. >> reporter: this is the newest location. this is the first in the east bay here off north main street. it opened at about 6:30 this morning but stark contrast from this morning. in terms of the controversy it comes from their president making contr
mayeda. >> fairfield mid-30s on the way to low 30s tonight. san francisco clear skies and 49. 42 livermor. other locations, san ramon down to 38. dublin 39 and san jose 44 degrees. we have a case of canadian air conditioning tonight. dry air, clear skies. low 30s and a patchy frost advisory. in the east bay valley. perform patchy frost through 8:00 in the morning and if you haven't done so, bring in the pets from outside and protect the temperature sensitive plants and pipes as we will see temperatures in the low 30s. we will talk about the chances of rain coming back to the seven-day forecast in a few minutes from now. >> all right. thank you, rob. >>> nbc bay area's monty francis is in livermor. one of the colder spots and a new outlet mall opened a couple of days ago and there are people still shopping out there tonight. >> the cold weather is not keeping people from shopping. there are still people here at this late hour. the outlet mall closes at midnight. so an hour or so left to get in on all of those bargains. >> staying warm with a cup of coffee and being bundled up was the name
in livermore only make -- currently 42 in livermore. only making it to 45. last night, 32 to 35 in sanoma and napa you will feel the difference. 44 in mountain view and 38 degrees overnight and throughout livermore. we do see clouds on the approach. it tell become partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy. cloudy, tpogt of the golden gate bridge. first thing is first. out the door tomorrow morning, consider it chilly in the 30s and the 40s especially if the kids have to catch the bus make sure they have their jackets. this right here the area of low pressure. notice the rain turns to sleet and snow over the mountain range. now we are seeing rain develop around the north western section of the state of california. for the most part this thing is just sideswiping the northern half of california. we only have a chance of rain showers tomorrow night. now, meanwhile, take a look at this. this is not really playing up the cloud cover. rather it plays it down. monday, 1:00 in the afternoon, clouds are still north of the golden gate bridge. i believe it is under playing it all. w
to the mid-60s and a warmer day than yesterday. 56 in san francisco. 56 in livermore. 56 in san jose. winds are shifting. this is what will bring about warmer days. in livermore, 13 winds. 9 in fairfield. winds out of the west in oakland at 6 miles per hour. that will shift to the northeast as we head through the next couple of days. we will warm up as a result into the 70s. 64 degrees for today in livermore. 63 in fremont. 64 in redwood city. a tricky forecast for tonight. an area of low pressure. we are expecting showers up in the north bay as the tail end springs swings through. high pressure builds in and this builds in quickly. bringing about 70s at the coast as we head into the mid section of this week. it is also going to bring about that fog. keep that in mind. we will see patchy fog as we wake up each morning all the way through the end of the week. 70 degrees for tuesday. 72 degrees on wednesday. we hold on to the beautiful 70 degree weather all the way through thursday and then the rain arrives. first system comes through thursday into friday. this is a weak system. we're expecti
kitchen with some facilitating people in dublin, livermore and pleasanton feeding those in need for years. but a big problem we have had is no place to sort donations so today, voila, brand-new grand opening. linda, tell us about it. >> well, we have collaborated with the city of pleasanton, dublin and livermore and safeway to bring this all to a new storage facility for many, many nonprofits in our area. >> scott today a special day for the district. >> we have traditionally since 2007 needed this space and to come together with the cities and safeway, it's been a great experience. it shows what happens when the private sector and the public sector work together. >> what is the greatest need this year? because right down the street is the paragon mall. i saw the line-up for people just trying to spend money. tell me how great the need is for food this year. >> we're short over 400 turkeys and we're also short canned vegetables so it is very large this year. >> reporter: put a face on the need this year. >> we have families, local families, that are in need. they have lost their jobs or t
as well. as we take our maps to the east bay livermore interstate 5805 with extra costs and a coming of the altamonte pass. we are seeing a dry break in portions of the south bay but the wet weather is sure to come. not raining now in san jose a we are seeing wet conditions from palo alto stretching into mountain view. keep an umbrella handy to route the morning. futurecast shows by 6:00 a.m. it will be a south bay of them. still light rain there. a dry break for the north bay and parts of san francisco as well. as we head into a a.m. cloud cover maybe some spotty showers we will see gradual clearing into the afternoon. in terms of temperatures not bad of a start relatively mild 58 in napa. 59 in redwood city. our afternoon highs will bring us plenty of 60s. 654 napa. 66 in livermore. downtown's severance fiscal at 63. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows it should be drive just in time for turkey day. mostly sunny conditions. black friday will be a dry one for everyone waiting in line. mild and fair weather returns to the bay area as we transition into the weekend. i will
overnight. 37 in santa rosa. 40 at livermor livermore. perhaps down to about 39. 38 at fairfield. chilly spot for sure. most of the remainder of the bay area will see low in the 40's. on we good to the satellite radar composite image. high pressure is the dominant feature in our weather picture and will be for the next several days which is why we have a string of dry day coming our way right on through the holiday weekend. it's mild right on through the weekend as well. temperatures will start to taper off a little bit sunday into monday. forecast animation starting 11:00 p.m. notice dense fog develop in the central valley again tonight for the second consecutive night and will spread through the delta straits and in our inland valley here in the bay i can't remember. that's why we expect patchy valley fog overnight tonight and next couple overnight periods as well. but again won't be very wide spread. tomorrow sunny even milder than today. south bay look for high in the upper 60's to low 70's. see high of 70 at san jose cupertino. 71 campbell saratoga. peninsula upper 70's
spread. but notice the low dropping to 36 overnight. 37 in santa rosa. 40 at livermor livermore. perhaps down to about 39. 38 at fairfield. chilly spot for sure. most of the remainder of the bay area will see low in the 40's. on we good to the satellite radar composite image. high pressure is the dominant feature in our weather picture and will be for the next several days which is why we have a string of dry day coming our way right on through the holiday weekend. it's mild right on through the weekend as well. temperatures will start to taper off a little bit sunday into monday. forecast animation starting 11:00 p.m. notice dense fog develop in the central valley again tonight for the second consecutive night and will spread through the delta straits and in our inland valley here in the bay i can't remember. that's why we expect patchy valley fog overnight tonight and next couple overnight periods as well. but again won't be very wide spread. tomorrow sunny even milder than today. south bay look for high in the upper 60's to low 70's. see high of 70 at san jose cup
and the up for this. oakland 49 out the door. livermore at 48 degrees. some places are between 10-15 degrees cooler compared to what we were 24 housecoat. satellite and writer starts to explain that we have a weakening cold front pushing in from the pacific northwest. we see cooler air and the bay area and some locally dense fog. visibility at zero for novato now. an inch for santa rosa and napa. limited visibility and livermore keep that in mind if you are using interstate 580. the bay area looks good. and chilly days of searching for in a jacket. fog trucker for walsh to the timing of this fog. you can see by 9:00 a.m. dealing with extensive cloud cover from the north to the east west headed south down towards san jose. as we pushed the clock into 12:00 p.m. we will see partial clearing. some of our coastal spots may have no sunshine. high clouds with the rest of the bay area. upper 60s to the south bay. mount you 67. 69 santa clara. clause 74 los gatos and cupertino. their fill antioch walnut creek the same. for those of you going to the bears game at memorial stadium tonight kickoff is
580. amy hollyfield is live at the new paragon outlets had in livermore. >> reporter: good morning. big crowds mean traffic problems, you might want to consider that today because of a shopping center opening 10:00 this morning. there is excitement, security officials say they had to turn people away who wanted to cam here overnight -- wanted to camp here overnight the paragon outlet has 130 stores and restaurants. so many people are expected today, officials think there will be traffic delays in the area this is off of 580 at the el charro exit in livermore. predictions are this will generate six to eight million dollars a year in sales tax revenue for livermore. the mayor says that is a relief after tough times. >> four years ago we saw our revenues drop 20% here in livermore. we took almost a 16 million dollar hit from 85 million dollars to about 70 million dollars. so that was a drop in property tax and sales tax. >> reporter: look at this picture that's the line at the job fair they held last summer that attracted thousands. this outlet has created 2,000 permanent jobs and hun
not be surprised if this is also towards the livermore valley because temperatures are also going to be cold. it is 30's through napa, concord, pleasanton and even 30's along the coast in half moon bay. 50s through livermore and 4 the seeress of snowfall will pick again up overnight with 1 in.-3 in.- through the sierras. chilly. and dry, warm sunday and monday and this time locally a an improvement with the chances of storms but sunshine by the afternoon. sunday, monday, to stick with the rainfall chances wednesday. >> holiday flights are booking up early this year the wall street journal reports a dramatic increase in sales for flights for the christmas and new year's eve holiday is they're already up 50% from a year ago. one possible reason is that there are a 11 prime holiday days instead of the usual and 90's. it is easier for families to travel further destinations. a coming of in sports the oakland raiders. mcfadden details and the warriors, it was all kobe bryant latest with sports [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much a feeding frenzy, to say
harrington. >> but first we go to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran at the new outlet center in livermore. >> what a way to start your thanksgiving weekend. a lot of people are filling up the lots filling up the shopping bags and they have been here for hours. we have talked to a lot of shoppers throughout the day and we want to let you know that actually the outlets opened up at 10:00 last night. i saw deals were 20 to 50% and they will get better throughout the day. black friday is a big draw for shoppers every year but as budgets are tight, store leaders say outlet malls in particular are more popular on big shopping days. >> you get great brands at discounted prices already and discounts on top of that? how can you beat it. people are thinking how they spend money and being cautious about what they spend on. >> reporter: paragon outlets opened just two weeks ago. it's the first to open in california in the past 11 years. leaders expect it to reach full capacity today. shot earlier in chopper 5, parking lot are full, shoppers in full force really trying to cash in on those big deals. we are tol
, livermore. and '60s and '70s for the coast. it is expected for most of the morning. if you are going up to the sierras? it is also going to be warmer. sunday, monday, but mid-60s with and the warming trend continuing of around the region. a look at your extended forecast with 80s, inland! as i mentioned earlier, it is going to cool down with the chance of showers by friday. >> so excited! i woke up early. i was scared to death that i was not going to make it for the ipad mini. >> this is the palo alto couple store. some of them parade the cold. that apple store in palo alto. this pocket-sized tablet is now taking to-three weeks to ship. gabe slate tech report has full details. >> these early high risers were standing out in the cold in the dark. why not purchase online what is so appealing that they had to get this now? >> i wanted it now. >> be able to take less space in my bag. and be able to read it on one hand and public transportation. i certainly do not need both but if i had to choose. level of mobility you want to have and i did think it is going to be a great thing for people w
leaving in san rafael, abc-7 news. >> ama: that's incredible. thank you. a livermore art teacher has been arrest for indecent exposure. police say carlos tellez exposed himself in his car on halloween. someone saw him. he is a teacher at the livermore valley charter preparatory school. >> the east coast is slowly getting back to normal but not quickly enough for some people. power is back on in several places, including lower manhattan, but the outer suburbs of new york are still without electricity or heat. gas rationing is underway. people are restricted to buying ten gallons, 80% of the subway system is now restored. schools are scheduled to re-open on monday and fema funds have been approved to repair damaged roads and buildings in new york city and outlying areas that need a lot of help. here's a report. reporter: nypd patrols the dark streets, a welcome sight for residents who say the city has been slow to respond. >> you can see the houses. >> anthony says he'll never forget the night sandy came ashore, flooding his neighborhood with up to five feet of water. >> this is nothing i e
. report leaving in san rafael, abc-7 news. >> ama: that's incredible. thank you. a livermore art teacher has been arrest for indecent exposure. police say carlos tellez exposed himself in his car on halloween. someone saw him. he is a teacher at the livermore valley charter preparatory school. >> the east coast is slowly getting back to normal but not quickly enough for some people. power is back on in several places, including lower manhattan, but the outer suburbs of new york are still without electricity or heat. gas rationing is underway. people are restricted to buying ten gallons, 80% of the subway system is now restored. schools are scheduled to re-open on monday and fema funds have been approved to repair damaged roads and buildings in new york city and outlying areas that need a lot of help. here's a report. reporter: nypd patrols the dark streets, a welcome sight for residents who say the city has been slow to respond. >> you can see the houses. >> anthony says he'll never forget the night sandy came ashore, flooding his neighborhood with up to five feet of water. >> this is no
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